version 2.0
i-Compass is the "one's own compass" that indicates the user's favorite spots or destinations by a simple arrow. It supports a user's free personal stroll by showing an orientation and distance instead of detailed directions. A user can register his/her favorite spot as a "POSITION" and save those multiple spots as a "SPACE." The user can upload the SPACE to the “SPACE ARCHIVE” and also download other people’s SPACE to the user’s device. i-Compass is a tool for having SPACE information in common.
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Attention: SPACE data made in i-Compass ver 1.0 will not be inherited to i-Compass ver 2.0.

0 Start i-Compass   1 COMPASS   2 MAP   3 POSITION   
4 SPACE(1)   5 SPACE(2)   6 SPACE ARCHIVE   
7 OPTION   8 Important Notice 


0 Start i-Compass

Register your user name to use i-Compass.
Your user name will be used when you upload SPACE data to SPACE ARCHIVE.
Then, press “Start i-Compass.”


This is a main image of i-Compass. The arrow is indicating the direction of your destination.

1) This is a compass indication. The arrow represents a direction to the POSITION (place) that is registered by a user as a destination or a hot spot. For the first time startup, Tokyo station is set as a default POSITION. Other design for the arrow can be selected from the OPTION tab.

2) A distance to the POSITION.

3) The name of the POSITION.

4) By tapping this triangle, other POSITIONs registered in the SPACE (group of places) will be shown in series.


  2 MAP

You can operate the following functions on the MAP page.
-to add a pin = set a POSITION
-to show your present location
-to search places

1) The button to add a pin. A newly added green pin can be moved by tapping and dragging.

2) A title of the new pin is shown as “NO TITLE.” It can be modified and saved as a new POSITION.

3) The button to show your present location.

4) The POSITION already registered in SPACE is shown in purple color.

5) The button to search places.



POSITION is a place set as a destination or hot spot. By tapping a pin on the MAP page, you can confirm, enter and modify information about a POSITION. By registering the POSITION to the SPACE (a group of POSITIONs, default is MYSPACE), the POSITION will become one of referred spots indicated by the compass. When you finish setting information on this page, tap the 'Save' button at top right to register.

1) Enter or modify a name of the POSITION.

2) The address of the POSITION is shown here automatically.

3) The POSITION should belong to a SPACE (a group of POSITIONs). MYSPACE is set as a default SPACE. In order to register this POSITION to the SPACE, tap here, go to the next page, and select the SPACE. from the list. Then, tap the 'Done' button at top right to register.

4) Enter a description or your comment about the POSITION.

5) Tap ’Save’ button when you finish setting information about the POSITION and registering the POSITION to the SPACE.

  4 SPACE (1)

A SPACE is a group of POSITIONs. You can save your favorite POSITIONs in a SPACE. There is a default SPACE named ‘MYSPACE.’ You can add a new space. If you go to SPACE ARCHIVE from this page, you will be able to upload your SPACE to the archive and also download other people’s SPACE to your own device. SPACEs on the SPACE ARCHIVE can be shared by i-Compass users.

1) Tap ‘+’ at top left to add a new SPACE. You could set up a new SPACE correspond to a certain theme area.

2) Tap ‘Edit’ button to delete a SPACE.

3) Tap the SPACE to confirm and modify POSITIONs.

4) The red circle indicates an active SPACE. the POSITION registered in this SPACE is pointed by the compass.

5) Tap the up-pointing arrow to upload your SPACE to the SPACE ARCHIVE. You can rename a SPACE name.

6) Tap “go to SPACE ARCHIVE” and you will be able to check and download other people’s SPACE to your i-Compass.

5 SPACE (2)

This is a list of POSITIONs registered on the SPACE. There are one or more POSITIONs in a SPACE.

1) The ‘Edit’ button to delete or change the order of POSITIONs. Tap and drag the icon on the right to change the order of POSITIONs, and tap the icon on the left to delete the POSITION.

2) Tap the POSITION to edit contents. (see 3 POSITION)

3) The red flag indicates this POSITION is now set as a destination on the COMPASS page. You could change your destination by moving the red flag.



SPACE ARCHIVE is the archive where SPACE data of i-Compass users are saved and shared. You can upload your SPACE to the “SPACE ARCHIVE” and also download other people’s SPACE to your device.

1) A list of SPACEs uploaded on the SPACE ARCHIVE. Name of the SPACE, nick name of the user, and time and date of upload are indicated on each column.

2) Tap the down-pointing arrow to download the SPACE to your i-Compass.



On the OPTION page, you can view the user’s manual and select a design of the compass. There are three types of design.

1) Select the compass. There are three types of arrows.


POSITIONs and SPACEs saved in the SPACE ARCHIVE of
i-Compass should not include any location information and privacy information about specific individual person that could be related to living, working and learning places. If inappropriate information is found in the SPACE ARCHIVE, the administrator of i-Compass would delete information without notice. According to the status of usage of the SPACE ARCHIVE, the operation of this system would be ceased without notice.